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Crafting Specialty Coffee

At Deke's we strive to provide the best coffees from around the world. The craft of specialty coffee is complicated and nuanced, thus we dedicate ourselves to understanding all facets of the process. By placing an emphasis on quality over everything, we strive to provide our patrons with excellence in every cup.

The Essence of Freshly Roasted Coffee

As with any organic substance, freshness matters. With over a decade of combined roasting experience, the team at Deke's is capable of extracting the best flavor notes in every coffee. Characteristics such as the origin, process type, varietal, and altitude are all factored in when profiling coffee roasts. Each lot is roasted uniquely. Our experience and attention to detail is guaranteed to leave you with a memorable and delightful coffee experience.

Coffee Cherries
Sourcing Our Beans

Knowing where our coffee comes from is the first step to understanding what makes it special. By working with farmers to ensure quality farming practices, we aim to provide exceptional coffee at a fair price. In addition, sourcing directly allows us to pay fair wages, resulting in a symbiotic relationship for everyone involved.

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